The Alaska Golf Association events for 2018!

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Event Location Date More Info Registration Pairings GGID Results
U.S Open Qualifier Palmer G.C. May 16th N/A Completed Completed WKNPMB Results
Spring Jackpot Palmer G.C. June 2nd N/A Completed Completed SUJVWT Results
State Match Play Settlers Bay G.C June 22-24th More Info Completed Completed  JCUGUGA Results



State Senior Am Palmer G.C. July 13-15th Event Info & Rules Completed Completed GPEYGVY Results


State Am Anchorage G.C. Aug 2-5th Pace of Play


Completed Completed PPJEQS Results 
U.S. Mid Am Palmer Golf Course  August 8th Info Completed Completed BEPRQB Results
U.S. Senior Womans
Anchorage G.C. Sept 5th N/A Completed Completed N/A Results
Fall Jackpot  Moose Run Creek Sept 9th More Info Completed Completed TYWVGF Results

The Alaska Golf Association Tentative Event Schedule for 2019!

Event Location Date More Info Registration Pairings GGID Results
US Open Qualifier Palmer G.C. May 13th Coming Soon
Spring Jackpot Settlers Bay G.C June 8th
USGA Women's Senior Qualifier Anchorage G.C July 29th Coming Soon
State Senior Am Moose Run Creek June 28th-30th  



State Am Palmer G.C. July 11th-14th  


State Match Play Chena Bend Aug 1st-4th
USGA Mid-Am Anchorage G.C Aug 19th Coming Soon
Fall Jackpot Anchorage G.C Sept 7-9th